1989 Black 180sx


Been too long between posts here, finally have time to sit down and post a build thread of a 180SX I picked up February last year and have poured way too many hours into! This is the concept we started with, a cool pignose 180sx!



Picked it up in a pretty sad state, De-registered in 2008 and been sitting around ever since. Some guy had pulled the Original CA18DET engine/trans out and pulled the manifolds etc off planning to rebuild it. I put the engine back together and got it all running again.



Then we took it back through compliance, which it passed without too much hassle. The factory left tail light came factory with only 1 bulb(the inner casing has a shroud that stops any light showing on the outside!!!) which I have never come across before, so had to swap them for the later model which has two bulbs.


While it was getting its WOF sticker we were over picking up a full 1998 Type X Blacktop SR20DET and manual conversion out of a wreck. A lot of time was lost cleaning the engine bay in preparation.


The conversion was pretty straight forward, had to re-wire the interior with the Type X interior loom to match the engine harness.


Once that was all complete we went and did a drift session on the Tokoroa Airfield. It was quite interesting to drift another Silvia with no lock mods and a horrible suspension setup!


Although the diff held up ok at the airfield, I knew it was only a matter of time before it started getting tired, so an open diff was sourced. Then it was over to Nick to sort the rest out, Stepping down to a 3.9 ratio from a 4.3 aswell.


Next was the interior. I got the Zeta 1 off a friend a while ago and the corner was cut off. Fibre glassed that back together and built a BNR32 passengers seat(was given a passengers base with a drivers cushion, alot more involved than you would imagine!). Nardi to turn with and a TRD gear knob that came with the engine conversion.




Then it was onto the 5 stud conversion. I picked up some R32 GTST calipers and painted them gold. We made the hardlines out of the caliper, Nick re-drilled the hubs and got some new disks. On the rear I bought some 5 stud hubs and then Nick re-drilled the rotors(which were new when we went through compliance). I purchased some KTS coilovers which we freshened up and had new rear lower bushes installed, and wound them all the way down. I had some Blitz type 01 wheels which I had bought a while ago for another project, so I cleaned them up and put them on. While it was on axle stands we also swapped the clutch as it was starting to get a bit tired.




I got some raybrigs with carbon surrounds and repaired some factory plastic skirts to finish it off.


Very happy with the end result. Have already taken it to Meremere drift days twice, a paddock bash for our car clubs christmas party, Cooper Tyres Mt Maunganui Hardpark and numerous other events!



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