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The Road To Round One. Vincent Langhorn.

I have been crewing for Vinnie for the past 2 season’s of D1 Pro. The opportunity came available when we were all at Zak Poles leaving party in town a couple of years back and Vinnie had just won the Pro-am championship. He had told me of his plan to completely rebuild the car including the RB26DETT and seeing how dedicated he was I was instantly in. He is a funny character to help out. Even if he really needs your help he will still be too stubborn to ask for it! After the week just passed and the number of people asking what the real stories on the road were, it was a no brainer that I needed to write this article! This is how it happened through my eyes from my office, the passengers seat.


It all began for me exactly one week from when we left, Tuesday 22 November. He asked me to come around and help him lift the bonnet back onto the car. He then dropped the bomb that he was going to drive it down to Dunedin and compete, asking whether I’d be keen to come help. At this stage there was still an enormous amount of prep that needed to be done. It had no wof, a diff that was about to collapse, a few parts that needed installing and a bunch of other maintenance to be completed. After a bit of a push he got the warrant on Friday, all it failed on was a couple of bulbs which was a relief. Our friend James Williams took the car into DKM on the Monday to get a pre-event safety audit and again it only failed on a couple of small issues. It was on!




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