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Team Garage H – Explained

Well I thought it was about time everyone knew the faces of Garage H. We have been around since 2004, and are continuing to grow. I will be updating the blog more often now, but first up I will explain who is in our team and the assets they bring to the team!


From Left:

Nick Bourke. Nick is one of the founders of Garage H. From back in 2004 when we were building my R32 GTST in our garage, right through to this day, he has had alot of very good ideas. Nick is a qualified engineer, he does all the fabrication for Garage H, as well as some mechanical aspects. He is a perfectonist and it always shows through his work. I will be showcasing some of the products he has made for Garage H through the coming months, he now wants to work on some of our products and start selling them to the public.  Some of the parts he has made from scratch include the Garage H Wheelie Rack, Garage H Deluxe Hubs, De-actuator and others which will be posted up in the future.

Theresa Knight. Theresa came on board December 2010. She proved herself by helping us build the Green Battle Car early in 2011. She is very good on the tools, but also helps out behind the scenes whether it be organising to get a whole lot of tyres changed for an up-coming trackday/comp/demo, updating the facebook page, registering us into demos/competitions and other stuff like sorting out schedules so we can get everything into place before an event.

Owen Newman. Owen came on board October 2010. He started off as our pitcrew when we were drfiting MAX in the 2010-2011 D1NZ series. He showed us that he was keen to get behind Garage H by showing up on time and helping out time after time.  Owen is a Qualified Automotive painter and has completed courses in custom designed paintjobs, he is the brains behind MAX’s Marble Maroon paint and he continues to bring new idea’s to the table.

Simon Bourke(The one that writes the blog posts!!!). I have also been behind Garage H from Day 1. I generally handle most of the mechanical side of things, doing up the nuts and bolts after Nick has created the part to install. I have alot of input into the parts that Nick creates. I am the man behind the wheel of Max 80% of the time, have completed a season of D1NZ Pro-am 2010-2011, placing 9th overall at the end of the season. I have had alot of experience behind the wheel of a drift car, I have driven at over 50 trackdays in the 8 years I have followed drifting. I am a qualified builder and have spent a very long period of time working on cars, so I know Nissans very well. I also run the Garage H wrecking yard.

If you see any of us out and about we are always happy to stop and chat. Theresa and I will be found at Hampton Downs most weekends as we run Corporate Drift Days, Track days and Skidpan/Gymkhana days out there.


Team Garage H

Simon, Nick, Owen and Theresa. Check out to see what we have been up to this week!

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