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Rust repairs

One problem with the van has been rust. Nick has spent alot of time cutting it all out and welding patches in, then nu-teching it up and sanding/painting it!


Headlight cavities:





Sorry for the lack of updates, have been so busy running everything around here that I have had no time to update!

MAX170 was pulled off the road to fix up on the weekend of the V8 Super Tourers. I went out for a Friday night before the event practice session. In short the car felt horrible to drive, started leaking oil all through the engine bay, tried to fix it at the track, no go,  had to pull out of the Super Tourer Demo, cars now parked on driveway waiting for some major attention…

However on the flip side that has meant that I have got behind the wheel of my 180sx! After building the car up it has had a fair amount of road use driving around and out to the track etc, did a short demo in it at Nizfest last year.

After that it was basically parked up until the 4&Rotary nationals when we put it in the show, on the way home Theresa got pinged for having no rego, fair call. It was then parked up until a few weeks ago when we decided to get it all legal again!

Next event up in the 180sx was Ardmore airport Wings vs Wheels. I woke up the Saturday before the event(the next day) and decided to get it all up to spec. Got the Warrant of fitness and rego all sorted, went out to check out the track on Saturday evening. It was a very very basic manji setup. Shredded the pair of tyres I drove out there on, went home and got some replacements and headed out the next day! It was a touch boring, but once 3 of us got out there it livened up the course a bit. The car ran well the whole day, I was really impressed by how much fun was had in such a basic setup!

Next event on the calender was the Advance Skidpan day last Sunday. I had a little play in the 180sx and it was feeling good. A friend turned up without his car car we shared it around all day. Towards the end of the day after session on the skidpan we noticed water spurting up from under the intake plenum! It was then trailered home to prevent further damage, today I pulled the intake plenum off to find the smallest of splits in one of the water pipes!

Not the first time a small issue has cut a day short.

More updates to follow!

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