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Ready for the 4 and Rotary Nationals.



Tight fit

The whole engine bay has been super hard to work with from the first time we started modifying parts…

Nick has been working away at the rust work, mainly around the headlight area. The van has been put on hold breifly while we get Max, the 180sx and also Battle cars ready for the 4 and Rotary Nationals this weekend, will be full steam ahead after that, aiming to have the van road legal by mid Febuary.

Van powersteering part 1

Have spent a bit of time sorting out the steering setup on the Van. The first step was getting the steering box mounted, which Nick made up a bracket for and welded it on.

Next I ran the lines from the rack up into the passengers side next to where the pump mounted up, which was a super tight fit, I ended up using a much smaller belt so I could tension it without hitting the waterneck. Then the resoviour was mounted inside the engine bay under the passengers seat and lines run down to the pump.


The start of a tidy Max

We havent had the time to start ripping into Max like we hoped, any spare time we have had has been spent on getting the van sorted. However while Me and Nick have been working on the van Theresa has started tidying up the inside of Max170. The door cards were cut out around the rollcage when we built it but we never got round to finishing them properly. About a month ago she sorted the rips in the seats by patching them, which turned out really well! She used the left over material to trim the door cards. Heres a pic of the door card beforehand.

And the finished product!

Subframe Strenghtening cont.

Today Nick continued with the strenghtening of the chassis rails, now 90% of the rear chassis work is done.  Next step is to prep it all up and paint it, then he will move onto mounting the front steering box.

Then we dummy fitted everything up just to double check that it was all going to work

This is the hill billy setup we have to work with to combat the New Zealand summer!

Van rear subframe strenghtening

We have re-visted the van over the new year holiday period. When Nick had last worked on it he had just finished making the mounts for the subframe.

Next he added some braces to strengthen the pickup points for the subframe and also the chassis rail.

Once all the braces are done then I can start hooking up the brakes etc while he is fabricating the mounts for the front powersteering setup!

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