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The collection(but not all of them)

A few weeks back I had all of our cars at home the night before a demo. I thought it was a good time to take some pictures of all of them together as it doesnt happen all that often now that Nick has moved to a different house.

Unfortunately we started running out of light but still managed to get a few snaps.

Missing from the pictures is the RB26 Stagea, SR20DET Van, Holden Caprice, Cefiro and Skyline. I am slowly getting around to sorting them all out, more updates to follow!


MAX maintenance

Its that time of the year for Max, Nick had been driving it to Warkworth and back for work recently and it develloped a small oil leak. The other week I got under and checked it out, was the oil feed line so I swapped the copper washers and hoped that that was the end. However it slowly started leaking again during the week and today after pulling the line off and inspecting, It has threaded the thread inside the block. I have some Braided line to replace the factory steel line so will get Nick to Helicoil it during the week and then put it back together next weekend. I have a corporate day in December so that is the only timeline to aim for. Over new years the time has come to pull the engine out and fix up all the small things and basically rebuild the whole car as if we were doing so for the first time, It has now been put through its paces and we know what needs to be touched up!


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