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Thanks for getting a snap of me sideways!


180sx hubs complete

The final step towards getting the 180sx track ready was the front knuckles and 5 stud conversion. I am running re-drilled hubs/brakes up front, the brakes work fine so there is no need to upgrade them, this is the cheapest way to get my 5 stud wheels on. Nick has also made up some Garage H knuckles for it.

On the car

Still have a bunch more parts to make up and install on the 180, I took it out to Hampton Downs on Saturday and it went well though. The clutch started slipping towards the end of the day and one of the intercooler joiners split causing the car to lose power but apart from those 2 issues it went well!

Will be doing a bit more testing on it this Sunday after our Gymkhana.

Advance Gymkhana times after 2 rounds!

Below JJ Strydom, who is leading the way.

Here are the times after 2 rounds, the 3rd and final round for this course is on this Sunday 28th August.

Driver Time 1 Time 2 Total Time (
JJ Strydom 46.81 55.47 1.42.28
Christo Strydom 45.78 57.59 1.43.37
Daniel Buchanan 49.31 55.47 1.44.78
Anthony McMenim 46.28 1.10.96 1.57.24
Cam Vernon 1.03.47 1.00.22 2.03.69
Tyler West 52.63 1.13.28 2.05.91
Alan Turner 44.72    
Ian Parker 47.25    
Brendan Wilson 47.53    
Carl Ruiterman 47.75    
Roshen Singh 47.94    
Matt Howe 48.18    
Simon Lucas 48.87    
Alex Taylor  49.43    
Robert Parker 50.16    
Wayne Mackenzie 50.69    
Andrew Baker 50.81    
Adam Marshall 51.69    
Andrew Crosby 52.78    
Caleb Wong 52.81    
John Marshall 53.28    
Shane Van Gisbergen 53.97    
Vinay Chhima 54.28    
Richard Tsang 54.34    
Andrew Knight 54.47    
Andrew Waite 55.22    
Rex  55.59    
Rocky Alu 56.59    
Wayne Mackenzie 55.66    
Murray 56.78    
Brennan Webster 58.28    
Aaron Turner 58.4    
Sam Douglas 59.24    
Phill Turner 59.31    
Matt Woodburn 59.91    
Jason Cleaver 1.00.15    
Bridget Dobbs 1.00.46    
Matt Tasker 1.01.94    
Ben Kearins 1.02.03    
Andre Atkins 1.02.31    
Brook Jepson 1.03.66    
Josh Martin 1.06.00    
Heath  1.07.28    
Billy Walker 1.07.43    
Ashley Vazey 1.10.00    
Sam Smith  1.10.40    
Matt Fulton 1.25.41    
Prizes will be given to Top 10 Drivers with their combined 2 top times from 2 of 3 Gymkhanas
 The next series will run over October/November/December

Progress cont.

Mounted the Type x Sideskirts

Got the D-max bonnet on

Pulled the turbo off, Nick drilled/tapped all the holes so the exhaust could be properly installed.

Pulled the hubs/disks/knuckles/arms ready for Nick to work his magic on

Put the coil overs in

Basically everything is done now except the front hubs/knuckles. All going to plan I will have it put back together tomorrow night in time for the track day on Saturday

Progress cont.

Has been a busy week here, I finished re-running the loom to eliminate future problems. I have also put the new front bumper on.

Aswell as getting the rear valance/end caps mounted.

Next I went to swap out the factory front pipe for one that Nick made up a while ago. However as this car has been sitting outside for a very long time about half of the bolts snap when being undone. Unfortunately the rear turbo housing to dump pipe bolts were no different so now I need to pull the whole turbo off and get them out. This weekend is going to be a greasy one!

180SX Progress

I managed to fix the gearbox by swapping over the input shaft from Max’s broken gearbox, however after putting it all back together it has a slight whine(Which Max always had) So I am going to give that gearbox a good run and see how it goes.

Next up was some maintenance on the engine bay. The silicon elbow off the turbo had a big hole in it so I replaced that, The intercooler piping is pretty dodgy, on the hot side there are joiners making up for missing pipe etc, so I will be making up some new intercooler piping in the long run.

The Radiator overflow bottle also was showing its age with the typical cracks, so I welded that up. It was only a quick job and although its watertight I still have to sand it down and tidy it up!



I also took it for a warrant of fitness, after sitting around for 3 years it flew through! The rear hubs have now been swapped for S14 5 stud items, and I’m halfway through running the front loom through the engine bay. If all goes to plan I should have it out on track for some testing at our next Advance day on August 20th, but there is still alot more work to be carried out!

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