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Gearbox issues

At our last drift day Nick blew 3rd gear in Max, we had a good run with that gearbox, it lasted around 50,000k’s so we replaced it last weekend. After having my 180sx sitting in the driveway for far too many years I decided to get back into it and sort it out.

Last time I drove it was when I got warrant back in 2009. When it was on the hoist I noticed that there was gearbox oil dripping out from the bellhousing. I parked it up and never really got stuck into it. Today I pulled the gearbox out and investigated. Somehow the input shaft bearing has fallen to pieces!

Once I have sorted out the gearbox, I will be getting it back on the road, there are a few loose ends that need to be sorted in order to do so. After that I have a bunch of parts to put onto it which I have been collecting for the last couple of years. The end product should be a nice road car which I can also use when at the track.

Advance Gymkhana Round 2 is on This Saturday at Hampton Downs, $30 to enter, registration at 8.30am.


Drift Tengoku

When we were down at the first round of D1nz, fellow drifter Takeshi took some pictures of our car. I didnt think too much of it at the time but when I caught up with him at the next round he showed me the latest edition of Drift Tengoku the Japanese magazine.

With a 2 page spread of our car!!

Advance STM Gymkhana #1

We had our first of a 6 month Gymkhana series on the 25th of June. It went really well, with a huge variety of cars showing up! Results below:

Front Wheel Drive:

46.81 – JJ Strydom

47.25 – Ian Parker

47.53 – Brendan Wilson

49.31 – Daniel Buchanan

50.16 – Robert Parker

52.78 – Andrew Crosby

55.66 – Wayne Mackenzie

Rear Wheel Drive:

45.78 – Christo Strydom

46.28 – Anthony McMenim

47.94 – Roshen Singhn

48.87 – Simon Lucas

49.43 – Alex Taylor

50.69 – Wayne Mackenzie

51.69 – Adam Marshall

52.63 – Tyler West

53.28 – John Marshall

54.34 – Richard Tsang

58.47 – Cam Vernon (Penalty for hitting cone)

102.31 – Andre Atkins

Four Wheel Drive:

44.72 – Allan Turner

47.75 – Carl Ruiterman

48.18 – Matt Howe

50.81 – Andrew Baker

As you can see all the times were pretty close, The course has advantages for all different types of vehicles, With JJ(the Front Wheel Drive Best time) showing that you dont have to have a big power/dollar car to lay down a solid time! Our next Gymkhana is happening on July 30th at the Hampton Downs Skidpan. It costs $30 to enter(registration at 9am), Fastest time in every group takes home some awesome prizes from Speed Tech Email us if your interested and we will give you the finer details.

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