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Garage H Skidpan #3

We had another of our skidpan drift days at Hampton a few weeks ago, unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and ended up being wet for 80% of the day. We had a range of cars show up, my favourite would have been Jonathon Bennets old AE86, now SR20DE powered!

There was another old corolla which has been to a past day of ours. Nothing beats a low powered Toyota, which actually makes you work to get it out sideways!!!

We also had our first two 4wd’s enter, Carl Ruiterman was there is his WRX.

We had Max and both battle cars there aswell, with a few good battles going down….

Ryan Leong was the winner of the Luxury Sports Most Improved driver, by the end of the day he was one of only two drivers who managed to link the courses at the end of the day!!!!

Albert Ho was the winner of the Advance spin comp at the end of the day(only by default as Nick also made it to the end in the trusty green battle car!!), taking home a free enty into one of our up coming Gymkhana days, the first one is happening tomorrow!

I have been so busy lately that I have hardly had time to work on the cars enough to keep them running let alone post anything on here. We are now running trackdays regularly so that takes up a fair amount of time,  however I have a few project which I would like to get underway, so once they start happening there will be more posts popping up!!!


Our next full track drift day is also happening at Hampton Downs on July 9th, we will also be running one group in reverse. We have a few spots left so if you are interested in entering send us an email!


Drifting, For a good cause!

A couple of weekends ago I was called up by Hampton Downs and asked whether I could get out there and do some drifting for a little event they had organised! I headed off to the tyre shop, got a couple of tyres ready and headed out. Once I got out there I found out that it was a charity day that they had organised for Ben Khouki, A guy who was terminally ill with Leukemia and has been living it up for the last couple of weeks. There was a handfull of cars out there who were taking him for hot laps.

We got to drift the whole full track which was pretty cool, aswell as the skidpan. It was awesome to see so many different people come together!

Hampton Downs is becoming like a second home for us, one battle car almost lives there and Max has been out every week for the last month! We have plenty more events planned for Hampton Downs, there is a Gymkhana on the 25th June and Full track drifting on the 9th July, email us for entry details now!!!!

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