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I have been struggling to fix the wheel wobble that has been happening on MAX for over a month(and 3 trackdays!) now. It was a similiar feeling to a wheel that was out of balance, but about 5 times worse!!!!! The tierods had a heap of movement in them so we replaced them(both inners and outers) along with the worst wheel Alignment ever before D1 at Hampton Downs, that didnt help. Stay away from Wairau Alignment and Suspension for wheel alignments!!!! Next on the list to replace was the steering rack, It was on the way out but after doing a rushed mission to swap it an hour before we had to go to a funeral that didnt help fix the wobble. It was about now that I was about ready to give up, all the obvious signs of movement had been replaced. After getting under the car again I found that the top pillow ball mounts on both the front shocks had play, so they are out ready to be replaced, however after swapping some temporary shocks in it still didnt fix the problem. So today after someone mentioned that brakes could be causing it I swapped the S14 front brake setup for some R33 GTS25T brakes with braided lines, which was supposed to be done when I upgraded the rears.

Replaced with:

Which has finally fixed the problem! It is quite frustrating though as I really wanted to compete at Drews comp this weekend in Taupo. Now we dont have any concrete dates that the car has to drive at we can also start doing all the little jobs that previously have been neglected due to having no spare time to work on the car! Aswell as fixing the wobble I also fixed a bunch of other small interior problems which all broke when I was at Manfield Jamboree!!!

We will have to make sure the car is going for our trackdays though, Skidpan on the 4th of June and full track on the 9th of July.


Time to do some skids

As the Skidpad sits there in the middle of Hampton Downs waiting to be used we have securred yet again another booking. On Saturday June the 4th we will be out in force to lay down some more rubber.

A little bit of battle practice from our last day

With the great feedback from Hampton Downs & the Drivers we feel skidpad events may become a regular day in everyone’s calendar.

The BBQ comes out for the Drivers lunch aswell, This is always a bonus!!

Proving that you can smoke up the tyres

Will be kicking the driving off at 9am sharp till 4pm.

Finishing the day of with a Drift Train Competition. 10-15 Drivers will be selected to participate.

The rules are simple, you spin out and your out. Last one still going is the winner.

Some of the guys participating in the comp from April Skidpad Day

Dave winner of the last drift train Comp

Cost to enter:
Pay before 10th May $100
After the 10th May it will cost $120
Email: for payment details
Look forward to seeing you all there.
🙂 T

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