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17/4 Garage H/Playday Hampton Downs full track drift day

We are running a full track drift day with the Playday team on April 17th. Will  be a full on day of drift action! See below for the details, Any questions dont hesitate to email us!




Hampton Downs Sunday 17th April

(Last chance to practice before the final round of D1NZ)

Time: 9.00am – 4.30pm

3 Groups 20 minute sessions




Pre-registration only. No payments on the day.

Maximum 20 cars per group please advice on skill level if you are new.

Cost $150 includes Driver and 2-pit crew.

Spectators/Extra crew $10 on the gate

Playday has run close to 100 motorsport events and is the largest public track day company in New Zealand.

We want to bring to drifting what we have already achieved for track days…

Plenty of track time at a reasonable price, well organized and safe flowing days.



Pay by direct credit to:

Account: PLAYDAY

Number: 03 0698 0485598-00

Full name as reference or if you don’t have Internet banking deposit the money at any Westpac and use your cell ph number as the reference. Please send us a quick email once you have made the payment just to ensure we have matched the payment correctly. 

We will e-mail you when your payment appears in our account, to confirm your place at the event.

Please DO NOT phone or text for the confirmation of your payment.

A few days before the event we will send an email to everybody who has paid, with further details of the day.


For further information see the website, email us, or contact

Gary Stirling 021 1330111 or

Simon from Garage H –


Garage H @ Hampton Skidpan

We ran our second event on the Hampton Downs Skidpan(a 100x50m polished concrete pad) on Sunday. We had a great range of cars from the usual 180sx/S13/14/15/Skyline platforms through to some more rare items such as 2 supercharged Toyota AE’s, V8 ute, RX7, Soarer,  battle car styled KE and many many more!

We always start the day with some figure eight cone setups, it helps the drivers get a feel for the surface of the skidpan, It used to be very slippery when we first went there, but now there is more rubber being laid down and it is getting grippier everytime I go there!

Once everyone has the figuge eights dialed in we start making courses on the whole skidpan, it is big enough that you can get a decent 2nd gear track marked out, we are only just beginning to get a feel for which tracks work best with everyones skill levels/car setups etc.

We then alternate courses throughout the rest of the day depending on what everyone is after. I also push guys to get out there 2-3 cars at a time as it makes you aware of what is happening around you, forcing you to not only concentrate on drifting but also looking around and being prepared to dodge a spun out car. The reason for this is that in a full track situation I have seen far too many avoidable crashes/spins where guys freak out when they are not used to drifting with other cars in a session!

Then at the end of the day to mix it up a bit we have a little competition where as many guys who have linked a few solid runs together are allowed out all at once, then we knock them out one at a time as they spin!! Dave Mouncey took it out this time.

Huge thanks to everyone who entered, you guys all behaived so well which in turn makes it alot easier for us! Also big thanks to the Garage H crew who showed up and helped out – Theresa, Sky, Ryan and James!!!! The next one is penciled in for the start of June, I will update once we have the date set.

As you can imagine we are stuck organising everyone for the day, so for better coverage check out Kesuke’s blog over at

Jamboree Manfield

Manfield Jamboree went really well, I was just running Max170 on low boost to get a feel for the new setup. We had alot of practice and got some good runs in, I think Manfield would be my second favourite racetrack in N.Z. to Hampton Downs.

I qualified 10th out of the 12 drivers left, coming up against Fanga Dan. I didn’t have the traction that he did coming into the drift section so he pulled a massive lead on my chase run. On my lead run he stuck on my back bumper the whole way through and he progressed to the top 8!

The car feels better to drive now, I definately need some more seat time to get it dialed in!

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