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Pukekohe wrap up

I’m not sure what happened at Pukekohe but I really struggled to drift there. We only had a short amount of practice and then went into qualifying. My qualifying runs were horrible and didn’t manage to link the section at all, Luckily 2 others spun each run putting me into 14th. I came up against a good mate Phil Otene in battles and I drove much the same as the earlier sessions and he took the win. We have the final round coming up at the end of the month, after that there will be alot of contemplation about where to go from here, I am definately not getting the results I had hoped for, 5 lost battles in a row is not much fun, and I am not enjoying it one bit, so we will have a think once the season’s over and come up with a plan!

Straight after Pukekohe we sent Max170 off to Sinco to get a new exhaust manifold made up, then took it up to E&H motors to get it tuned and a few other bits, all to try and gain back the torque that our setup is lacking. It has spent the afternoon on the dyno and is now putting out 298kw, It will get the finishing touches done tomorrow morning then we will pick it up.

This weekend we are off down to Manfield for the 4 n Rotary Jamboree. I always enjoy driving at their events as they bring in massive crowds and all the drivers are on a level playing field. It will be a good test for the new setup, then we have our skidpan day on the 3rd of April. It is turning into a massive rush to get everything sorted before then as the green battle car has blown rings and needs an engine transplant. We built it specifically for our skidpan day so it will be really annoying if we can’t get it going in time! If anyone knows of a S14 SR20DE going cheap please let me know!

We are also running a Drift day on the full track at Hampton Downs, If anyone is interested email me for more details.


Round 5 Pukekohe

The cars are packed and ready to head out bright and early to Pukekohe Raceway for the next round of D1NZ. MAX170 is off to get a new Sinco Manifold made on Monday, then to E&H motors for a re-tune. Im really hoping it fixing our torque issue, I am really struggling to have fun driving it!!!!!

Black and white courtesy of Roo Wills.

Garage H Hampton Skidpan Day

If you havent heard we are running another Skidpad day at Hampton Downs. We will now be running them every two months. There are lots of options for new course layouts so we will be mixing it up every time. Cost to enter is $120 and it will include lunch. You will be on track from 9am to 4pm. If you or anyone you know wants to enter send me an email The cutoff is at 25 entrants and spots are filling fast.

Heres a video from the Last day I helped run:

Battle cars, Battled in.

So the idea was that while the D1 crew line up the battles or have any down time due to accidents that we would send the battle cars out to do some low speed tandem action until they were ready to continue with the drift cars! Nick and Owen spent a solid 2 hours getting them prepared on Friday morning as they both needed a few things fixed. They were ready just in time. Nick and Kyle Jackways(D1 Judge) were sent out first, they got pretty close but no damage was done.

Next up(and the last two for Friday) Owen went out against Brendon White(D1 Organiser). They got nice and close, Owen kept trying to stay away from him but Brendon played dirty and speared the rear wheel, ripping the tyre into pieces as soon as he made contact!

Then Saturday morning came. Myself and Nick went out first, I took my anger out on his car, and got some pretty tight O’s going. Fortunately they didnt get too damaged and were able to continue going out throughout the day!

So we checked them over and pulled a few panels out, then Chuckie and Owen went out, I think Chuckie didn’t have the skills to pay the bills as he missed Owen the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!

Next was Brendon and Dave the big accident! Brendon was spun out on track when Dave gave him a nudge in the front. Unfortunately it split a tube on the radiator(Luckily Brendon noticed and pulled off!) and were unable to carry on. The rest of the day the team tryed to fix it up, eventually mending it with some kneed it.

After the comp was over Brendon took the Battlecar out on the full track and ripped it up!

While they were fixing up the radiator, The guys from Alcotane came over and sponsored us a tank of their special blend. If you are building any kind of performance car and are looking for a fuel thats up to scratch then look no further, head over to and get in touch with them!

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