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Yesterday’s mission

Everyone who has had a proper track car will have had the experience of a cracked manifold. A few months ago MAX170 started losing power, I thought over time that it was just a gasket blowing out. The night before our Hampton track day I replaced the turbo to manifold gasket as it was getting old and I suspected that it was the problem, however it wasnt. Yesterday morning I pulled the manifold off and found the problem straight away:

So I dropped it into Nicks workshop and he welded it up after hours, then I put it back on last night. Now were are into getting ready for the 4nrotary Show and Shine(Or the Nationals as most call it) which happens on Saturday the 29th of Jan.


Garage H Hampton Skidpad Drift Day

After sucsessfully running a number of Meremere Drift days with Ryan from Luxury Sports we decided it was time to run one at Hampton Downs on the Skidpad as it was larger than Meremere and offered alot more variation in the tracks we could run. However after booking it out, Ryan pulled out which left us wondering whether to can it or go ahead and do it all ourselves! Of course we had to go ahead, so many stressfull weeks followed.

We had alot of room to work with, so we had 3 cones stations set up at the beginning of the day. After everyone had a go on the figure eights we had an idea of who was capable of doing a small course setup and who needed to get some more practise in on the cones. From here we set up a corner with a triple figure eight setup and then used the rest of the pad to set out a few courses. At the end of the day we made one big course on the whole pad. To finish off we let everyone out on the course that was confident enough to drift with others around, we got 8 on track at one point!!!

We will be running these days once every two months, so If you want to enter then send me an email

Back into it

After we got back from our holiday the team was straight back into it. Nick went his own way and got cracking on getting the rear end of the van sorted. After pulling it off the road 1 year ago today it is about time that we got it all put back together and sorted. He finished getting the subframe mounted then went to work on the strut towers and mounting the top of the coilovers. Once he has that finished then there is some strengthening to do on the chassis rails, hooking up brake lines and everything else that goes along with it.

On the 4th of Jan Owen and I took the battle car to a private drift day at Meremere. Unfortunately we didnt have any time previous to the day to sort it out after Mt Smart, so we spent half of the day fixing the car, the front lower arm was bent which meant that it drove really badly and was not an enjoyable day at all.

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