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The last post of 2010!

What a year it has been for us! We accomplished most of the tasks we aimed to do, but at the same time there are still 4 projects sitting on the driveway that need to be built! So to wrap up the year I took Max170 out for a final run up the coast.

We have had alot of support this year. Huge thanks to all our sponsors who have helped us out:

Ryan @ Luxury Sports.

Shane @ NZTEES.COM /

Zach @ Precision Wheels

We have had an interesting start to the D1 season this year. We really thought we would be doing alot better than we are, however the main goal is to have fun and we have definately achieved that! MAX170 has clocked up over 6000km driving to racetracks all around New Zealand, so that is an accomplishment in itself!

The Battle Car has been another fun project for us to work on and we have definately got our moneys worth out of it! Anyone who was at Mt Smart when we had it there will know what Im talking about!

There has been a huge commitment from our team too. Nick(Team manager) has put in amazing hard hours, I dont think anyone realises how much time he has put into Garage H. More than a couple of times he has been at the workshop making custom parts for all our cars until 3am, top effort! He is down in Gisborne for New years. Owen(Pit chief) has also been a big help. From working on the Battle Car until all hours of the morning to changing tyres 2 mins before I need to head out, he can almost do it all!

Im heading off to Whitianga for the New Year party, We are all really looking forward to next year. First on the cards will be getting the long overdue van sorted. Then there is a 180sx, Cefiro, Holden Caprice and my Skyline to finish off, aswell as getting the motorbikes sorted. It is shaping up to be a very busy summer!

With track days happening on the 4th and 15th(our own day), then the 4 and Rotary Show and Shine on the 29th to keep us in check.

Have a safe one, Don’t do anything we wouldnt do on the roads! Will catch you all next year and lets make it a good one!


The Mt Smart rundown

We have been super busy since Manfield. The battle car recieved its origional heart transplanted back.

Note the Rear half of the turbo modified to work with the DE setup, plus the De-actuator setup which we use to tune the backpressure! Owen also painted the rocker cover to look similiar to concrete. We did the same to an old bumper just to use at Mt Smart.

Back on topic, Thursday morning I headed out to the track with the battle car. Media were having a demo session where they got to have a fang at the track, without the risk of damaging their own cars! After I warmed the Battle car up, Brendon the D1NZ organiser got out on track.


After Brendon had the track nailed out, A few others had a jam. Josh Coote(pictured below) Hadn’t had his breakfast, but he still managed to get pretty close! Dan Teeboon also had a warm up before I headed home and got ready for Thursday.

Friday morning we got to track and unpacked our setups, the Battle car was sidelined for the day, while its bigger brother, MAX170 came out to play. After watching the first session and seeing the carnage, I was instructed by Team manager Nick to take it easy and leave a decent gap between the marble paint job and the solid concrete barriers!

Next came qualifying. I had 3 runs that were much the same, I dont think I pushed far enough out to the clipping point, but still did an ok run. I ended up 15th, which still put us inside the top 16 battle bracket, But at this level we should be alot higher up the grid!

New liverly, Thanks to for keeping the team looking professional! LUXURY SPORTS got in there too, We will be having a few events during next year so watch this space.

Next came the battles. Qualifying so low meant that I would be up against Alu, the 2nd qualifyer. We decided to push it a little bit harder, but still not lose any paint. Looking back I dont know why we did, the back bumper was a throw away!

I chased first, I had a straight line at two points, which lost me big points!

He was consistant in his chase and won the battle.

After the battles Dan Teeboon took the battle car for a demo(lition) run! I told him not to hurt Matt’s baby.

But he didnt listen. 3 Laps of drifting on a flat tyre, and was the first person to twist a chassis rail properly on it!

So we packed up and headed home. After a small afterparty we headed back to the track on Saturday. It was a wet day, which caused alot more carnage. Louder lost to Alu.

The battle car had a very hard time. Nick was driving it like a pro. The Garage H Deluxe hubs he engineered really made a difference.

And my finishing picture. Nick Teeboon the D1NZ Head judge driving the Battle car. Feel free to leave a caption!

Up, Down and all around. D1NZ Manfield Round 2, Part 2.

Friday morning we headed out to Manfield. We got the car into track mode and prepared to get into the practice sessions. Practice went well, I picked up the lines fairly quickly, having drifted at Manfield previously was a big help.

Shortly after mid day and with a decent amount of practice in we were into qualifying. My first run I tried to lay down a decent run that would qualify us into the top 16 if the other runs went pear shaped. I managed to get a pretty good run in, not getting as close to the clipping points as I would have liked to but I knew it was enough to get into the top 16. My second run was a shocker! I didnt have quite enough speed coming into the sweeper which left me with a few straight lines and a pretty messy run! The pressure was on for the third and final qualifying run. I managed to lay another solid run in, once again I was a little bit offline from nailing the clipping points but I was happy with it. I qualified into 9th place, pairing me up against Shane in the SRT RB26 Cefiro.

Lining up on the dummy grid I knew it would be hard to keep up with him, he has an extra 100kw over our car and has alot more responce than our car!

Coming into the Judged section on my chase run I could not match Shane’s speed! He pulled 5 car lengths away from me so I couldn’t really close the gap and tried to drive it out. I had a bit of a squiggle coming into the first clipping point but managed to pull it back together pretty averagely. The Judges scored it 7-3 to Shane.

On my lead run I had my best run of the day!  Everything went well, unfortunately Shane was on me the whole time. He didnt hit the second clip which I thought could have gone in my favour but it didn’t! That run was scored 6-4 to Shane! I was super happy with how it went though!

I went back out after all the battles for an expression session, which finished off the day. Overall the car is lacking the low down power that we really need in the battle situations. We have a few more tricks up our sleeve to try and re-claim it back, But it is starting to become hard to find the time to work on the car!

After returning to our motel and having a couple, I went for a ride down the road to a friends motel. We were chilling out when he got the call to say that Gaz Whiter’s S14’s head was warped and unuseable! With the battle car in a sorry state we didnt hesitate to lend him the parts, he had already taken an oil squirter off it in the practice sessions! So I went back to our motel and met them there and off they went with the battle car! It returned 1.5 hours later in bits…

On Saturday we went out and hardparked our two cars. Gaz did well, winning with ease. I took MAX170 back out in the afternoon expression sessions, taking both Nick and Owen out for a few laps! After the track closed we packed the cars back up and headed back to the motel. The afterparty was a laugh, I managed to offload about 50 Garage H stickers onto everyone/everything!

Overall the weekend went alright. We really need to start winning our battles though! Mt Smart is coming up this Friday so we have been busy prepping the cars. Watch this space!

Up, Down and all around. D1NZ Round 2 Manfield, Part 1.

Well this was certainly the best half a week of drifting I have driven at ever since Me and Nick started up Garage H! At 5am on Wednesday morning I picked up Matt Malcom who came down with me in the S14. We had a cruisy drive down to Palmerston North, stopping to catch up with a few mates along the way!  He can be seen to the left of the next photo, he has some of the sickest poses when he get in the “camera zone”

Once we got there we settled into our Motel, The Aztec. Pulled the rack off ready for out assualt on Slipway the next day. Washed the car with some McGuyver style thinking. Dishwashing liquid, a rag and a plastic mesh rubbish bin with a plastic bag inside liner. Worked sweet!

Nick left Auckland at 10.30pm, him and Owen shared the driving. After god knows how many energy drinks they arrived in Palmerston North around 6am. We had a quick catch up then headed on our way down to Slipway. After gassing up the cars and giving the battle car a good wash at Bp we were ready to hit Slipway!

Slipway didnt quite go to plan. About an hour into it, after we had all had a short drive of the car, I was showing Matt how to do the big double cone O’s in the battle car when the dreaded big end noise started to rattle. This really brought the team down! We pulled it back into the pits and let it cool down. After turning it back on it was apparent that something in the bottom end had let go, putting a big upside down smile on everyones faces. I had a quick jam in Max170 around the track and then we packed up and Headed back to our Motel. I was trying not to count the $$$ as it had been a very expensive exercise!

Upon our drive back up, we were fostering plans about where to go from here. As we had initially built the battle car to use for a couple of events and then part it out it was looking like its time was up. What came next though was completely out of the blue and will go down in Garage H history!!!

Powercruise Shakedown

So on Friday afternoon me and Nick made the casual drive down to Taupo in Max170. We managed to get to the racetrack as the last car to be scrutineered, after the Christchurce drama our car flew through for a change(with the wheelie rack on!). After that we headed back to our Batch, which was conveniently located on the same road as the track! We had a few quiet drinks and got to bed early ready for the intense weekend ahead!

Saturday came and we headed out to the track in time for the first powercruise session. Nick had a great time powercruising, It is really good fun to be able to have a boogie around the track with so many different forms of vehicles! I took over for the drift demo, the car still hasnt got enough low down power, but we managed to make do. Also as most of the demo drivers(Lauder and Carlos) were drifting their car the next weekend at Manfield we weren’t  pushing too hard! It was so much fun though and we were allowed to drift the infield which does no happen very often!

It started raining halfway through our demo, so once that was over everyone had to drive round at street pace to dry the track out!

After the practise drift session Nick went out for another cruise with his friend James, you can spy him through the passengers window in the next picture. James has been kind enough to let us store the Battle car in his fathers warehouse, I am currently in the process of getting all the bits together to sort it out, I will give you the low down in my run down of the D1 weekend! Next came the burnouts, I gave it a go but the car wouldnt “burn out” which sucked, but the nice paintjob made up for the poor effort!

After that session was over we packed up and headed back to our house for a night of mayhem! Yes thats right we party hard too! I partied a bit to hard and ended up cutting my night short at about 10.30pm. This is what I enjoy so much about powercruise though, we meet so many different breeds of car enthusiasts yet somehow everyone seems to get along so well! At our place a good friend Bradley Lauder(who supports Garage H on his car now!!!) came over, aswell as the usual S-chassis crew.

Just after the above photo was taken I went to bed, Bradley Lauder thought it was quite funny, see below:

The next morning I was up bright and early, feeling alot better than some others! After cleaning up the house we headed out to the track around 10am. This time I took the car out for a cruise session, we both really enjoy pushing the car around the track without sliding, It really helps you learn the lines! Then came the drift comp. Unlike the normal battle situation this is purely judged on style. I have always struggled with Taupo and this time was no different! I couldnt quite link the back straight to the esses and I was a little bit too shallow coming out onto the front straight. This didnt bother me though, I was having a blast and not crashing is always a bonus!

Then we packed up and headed home. All in all it was a good weekend, we didnt have to even open the bonnet, but with D1 Manfield waiting for us the following weekend it was always the plan to take it easy.

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