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All we seem to do is fix it!!!!

Yet another weekend spent getting the car up to scratch. After the road trip the exhaust took quite a beating, upon returning home we had lost about 4 bolts from along the system and had a couple of exhaust leaks. Today I pulled it apart and replaced them all, It had snapped off both of the lower turbo dump pipe bolts so I replaced all of them with new ones for peace of mind. The fixed jumble of pipes:

After returning home we could see that there was a bit of stress happening on the back of the car from the wheelie rack, so Nick made up an extra support bar which shifts the weight forwards. It is now super solid and we could road trip to the bottom of the South Island 500 times before anything would even think of bending!!!!!

Our next event on the calendar is Powercruise at Taupo. If its anything like last year it will go off! Nick will be driving the car this time as Im having a break before D1 round 2 at Manfield. We have changed the setup slightly so Nick will be testing it out at Taupo, we are currently sorting out some tracktime at Slipway the Thursday before Round 2. If all goes ahead we will be taking the battle car down with us, It would be alot of fun to have it out at Slipway!

We are also looking for Sponsors to help pay with getting the car to events(covering gas), If you know anyone who may be interested please email me for more info.


D1NZ Round 1, Ruapuna

We left Auckland at 5.30am on Wednesday, got to Palmerston North around 12pm. Checked into our Uncle’s place, chilled out for a bit then went to bed early to catch up on some zzzzzzz’s for our assualt on the South Island. Up at 5 again we headed to Wellington to catch our ferry which departed at 8.30am. Getting onto it was a mission in itself, we had to climb up a few levels and the ramps arent very drift car friendly!

Then we headed on to Christchurch, highlight of that drive would be coming out of Kaikoura. We were driving along when heavy rain started coming down, then it turned to hail. Then all of a sudden the road became greasy and we were driving through snow!!!! Its the first time I have driven on snow let alone in our loaded up drift car with 10x wheels/tyres on board!!! Handled it mint though.

After we got to Christchurch and checked in to our motel we headed out to the racetrack for scrutineering. After waiting in line for the check for around 45 mins they get up to my car and exclaims that he wouldnt do it because the racks on the car and it wasnt track ready, he wouldnt even check it over and fail it on the rack(which is track ready, more to come about that later!!!). I was so annoyed, the guy was just being an arsehole. We left the track as there was no point lining up again only to be turned down when he stopped scrutineering in less than an hour. So went went back to the motel and got smashed!!!

On Friday we got to the track, Unloaded the car and took it through scrutineering, had to put some padding on the rollcage and insulate a battery terminal, all things that could have very easily been recified the night before if he wasnt such a power tripper!!! The first practise session was pretty average, I was struggling to get my lines sorted through the track. After we missed the second practise session due to not being told when it was, we got to got out on some passenger hot laps, I started getting some better lines and was linking the whole section. Next came qualifying. I had 2 5 lap sessions which they took the average of each session from. First one I didnt push it too hard, but came off the track on one of the laps. Second was went ok, still wasnt really pushing it hard enough. I ended up Qualifying 10th.

My first battle I was up against Karl in the Fast Cars Laurel. I was really still getting the hang of the track on my first run, he entered alot later than I was, so I followed his line. He pulled away and left a rather large gap between me and him, I felt I hit the clipping points a little bit better than him. On his chase he was right behind me for most of the way, again I think I had slightly better lines, but I thought he had taken it out because he was so close behind me!!! Judges called a re-run. This time I tried to push it a little bit harder, he still pulled away through the middle part of the section, and I close the gap towards the end but ran up the ripple strip and hit it under the car. On his chase there was a bit more of a gap this time, but my lines were a bit off. The judges called it even and ordered another re-run. I decided to take my 5 min rule and go into the pits and check under the car as running up the ripple sounded like it did some damage! After checking the car it was good to go, but Nick(team manager) told me to take it a bit easier and not push it so hard, after all we did have to drive it over 1200km’s home! The next battle I didnt push anywhere near as hard and had a few straight lines, basically giving it to Karl!

Karl won the battle, props to him! We had the car on show on Saturday, so many people were checking out the wheelie rack! Ben Watson, the Owner of Slipway ended up coming second, he will be the one we need to beat this season, My money is on him to win Rookies overall! Went to the afterparty and it got pretty messy, my memory is kind of blurred by this stage of the night!

On Sunday we left Christchurch and headed to an abandoned gokart track in Kaikoura, meeting Ben there. This place was cool, definately had the most fun at this track. We took the tyres off the wheelie rack but left it on the car, It was the first time we had drifted with it on the car and suprising it handled pretty well!

We jammed the track for about an hour. We were staying in 2nd gear around the whole track. Ben was chopping 4th on the long straight manji, was insane to watch(even went for a ride in his car, although he made it look easy there was so much work going on inside the cabin!)

Then we headed onto the ferry, back to Palmerston North for the night  and up again at 5am to get home by 1pm on Monday. All in all it was a good weekend, ideally I would have liked to have placed in the top 3 of rookie although it was an achievement in itself to drive the car from Auckland to Christchurch, compete and then drive back. We clocked up over 2500km’s!!!! We will be making some changes to the car for round 2 in Manfield, It will be interesting to see how it goes.

The next event on our Calender is Powercruise at Taupo raceway Nov 20/21. Nick will be driving the car. The race is on to get it ready!


Made it back home by 1pm today. Was a really intense few days, I will do a full write up on what went down, For now I will leave a picture of the best part of the trip, drifting the Kaikoura Go-kart track!!!!


The car is as ready as it ever will be for D1 Rookie Round One, Christchurch.

We have packed up the Wheelie rack, Plastic welded up tail light mounts, packed the car, checked everything mechanical that there is to check. Bring on Christchurch!

Tomorrow we will head down to Palmerston North to stay the night, Thursday morning at 8.30am we have a ferry booked to get us into the South Island and then drive down to Christchurch, Friday is Practice/Top 16, Saturday is Top 8. Then head back Sunday/Monday. It will be a very busy next few days but the team is looking forward to it!

Thanks to everyone who has helped the car evolve to where it is now. Ryan from Luxury Sports/Bruce at Drift Max. Zach/Wade at Precision Wheels. Owen from Fleet Street panel and paint.


Have had another super busy week here modifying the car. It began on Monday Night by dropping the subframe out:

The old subframe bushes were toasted. Nick burnt them out and made up some solid bushes to replace them. We also installed toe arms and changed the way the rear handbrake cable was run to try and combat some of the stretch(Its still quite stretchy, I have a feeling the cables are rooted). After several 2am late nights from Nick it looked like this!


We also installed some castor arms in the front, It feels alot tighter now, the rear bushes are crazy, you can actually hear the oil in the diff as it moves around!

Precision Wheels hooked us up with some sticky Toyo T1R’s for the front, the whole car is starting to take shape finally, I think we will need a couple of trackdays before we have it dialled in, Christchurch will definately be a fun trip though!


Max’s Makeover

Taupo didn’t go so well. Car was handling like crap, front tyres werent gripping at all. Then dropped a coilpack and cut my day short, only to have a halfshaft start binding coming into Cambridge(about 175k from home) and only just managed to limp it home! Then swapped the halfshaft and put a good coil in, and Nick headed off to his work at 11.30pm to finish panelbeating the car. By 3.30am he had finished and was on his way home.

At 8am we met up with our friend Owen who was painting the car for us. We origionally were just going to respray it the factory Maroon colour, but we really wanted it to stand out a little bit more. Owen had done a custom painting course a few months back and showed me some of his test paintings. He had tryed out a new marble technique which looked pretty good so we decided to give it a go, below is how we did it.


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