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Today I installed the Greddy Pulleys

Bride Low max seat

Uras Led tail lights(New left, Old right in first pic)

And removed the diff to shim it, only to find out that it was an open. Whoever previously built this car had no idea, there have been many many issues that we have found throughout this build that have been done wrong or incorrectly, at least now it is going to be solid. We will put a lock diff in it for the meantime, eventually will be upgraded to a 2-way LSD.

Still have to get the tyres sorted on the RP-F1’s, and install a bunch of other parts.



Started getting the S15 up to scratch today, The first move was to relocate the front loom through the engine bay, as we do with al our cars before lowering them to prevent any problems with the wheels rubbing through when under load.

Next I installed the CSC suspension, I havent heard of them before but they appear to be of high quality and for the price(under $700!!!!) they are well worth it! Along with the suspension we also put Cusco swaybars in and Jic strut braces, both front and rear.

The wheels have also been swapped for some 17×9 Enkie RP-F1’s, Will get Precision Wheels to swap the tyres around on them tomorrow as the current ones have punctures!

Tomorrow will be spent sorting out all the clearance issues and installing more gear on it. He will be drifing it at Meremere on the 11th of September.


Nick has been getting a crash course into Panelbeating from his workmate Andy! They did the passengers side on Wednesday, tonight they are doing the drivers side.

Will be painting the rear half of the car next weekend, then we have a bunch of events, 11 Sep at Meremere, 12 Sep at Manfield and 18 Sep at Hampton Downs. After that we will be prepping and painting the rest of the car, the first stage in tidying it up for the D1 season.

Two steps back, one step forward!

The owner of the S15 we have been converting back to factory specs is back in the country. After we had pretty much finished everything on it he has changed his mind and now wants to keep it. So now we will put most of the gear that hasnt been sold from it back in, Will be good to see it roll away not looking like a four wheel drive! Its looking pretty average now, will all change soon!

Have got so many other projects waiting for work so will try and get it done pretty quickly!


Owen thought the Bank needed some weight reduction


Have spent the whole day today sorting out both our cars for our drift day at Meremere tomorrow.

Sorted out the handbrake issues(short term) on Max170, will be completely stripping it down and prepping it for D1 from September till mid October, Has a new bonnet thanks to Luxury Sports!

The tyre rack is packed ready to go, carrying tyres for both of them this time, wet weather is planned for tomorrow so tyre useage will be to a minimum. The battle car is here aswell, not much has been changed since its last outing, just a LOT of T.L.C.

Nick last project was modifying a VQ30DET Flywheel to fit a SR20DET clutch, completed a few weeks ago…

Bolted up

I also have installed the Power steering crossmember into the van, still have to hook up the lines and mount the steering box, It is looking further away from going, which means it will be more than likely that we will be driving Max170 down to Christchurch to compete in D1 Rookie!

Pro J.C.P

Had a photo shoot with a friend through S-chassis(Joseph Curphey of J.C. Photography). Put the Kai’s back on it, but there is just not enough ground clearance with the 17’s, so we are trying to track down some more 18’s for it. We only have a few more trackdays before we start the D1 season now, so we are about to start prepping the car for that.

This weekend will be spent getting both the cars ready for another one of our Meremere drift days(15th of August).

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