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Subframes mounts done

Got the subframe installed late Sunday arvo. Front mounting point(note the proper solid mount that Nick has made up, will be for sale, enquire within)

Front screws into here

Rear screws in here

Subframe finished ready to be installed

Subframe installed

Next stage is installing the strut towers. Still have to drop the front crossmember and hook up the power steering version, more on this in the weekend.


Virgin Blog Post..

Hello Blog world, Nick here, the B-driver (bad, beginner, bossed around, black, beaten, Marsden-just kiddin!!not that bad!!!jokes Marsden your all good!!!!) filling in for Simon, the A-driver (aggressive, angry, alcoholic,  AA member, A class drug user-just kidden!!C-class at the most!!!jokes Simon your all good!!!!) while he’s at the mountain ripping up the slopes!!!wish i was there!!! But instead im here entering my first blog so let me know where im going wrong and i’ll see what i can do ;)…anyways today iv’e been workin on the van and sorting out alarms thanks to Paul from V.A.S an awsome alarm technician with skills above all others!! Will be hearing more from him in a couple of weeks hopefuly!! Slowly getting this van done and got a whole lot more motive for it after tacking up this sweet sub frame,(also got rid of my fence post dent which is a definite weight off my shoulders!! Big thanks to Fleet St Panel Beaters and Owen for getting the job done!!!!)

Also been playin around with the movie maker, some basic soft ware for video editing this was a ruff edit let me know what you think!

So thats my post about done im heading out so have a good Saturday night!!might see you round,PeACe!!!!

Still Alive

The R1 has been hiding away in the garage for the last month or two. Bad weather hasnt helped but also the lack of spare time to work on it are the main reasons. After feeling a bit down today, I decided to put a smile on my face again and pulled it out from our cluttered garage!

We are on the home straight with it. All that needs to be done is the tyres swapped for some road legal ones(currently running slicks), Mirrors, Front indicators installed and the wiring for headlights/indicators sorted out. Then we can ride it to the wof shop and get it properly legal!

Once its legal we will be making a front exhaust pipe for it as the current one is pretty average. Will be adding a few other touches to it along the way, then Nick will be using it for demo’s etc and possibly a bit of track racing. After riding it I often wonder why I continue to build cars, when we can make these bikes so easily and the speed is insane! Puts MAX170’s power to shame.

Going to take Max170 to the Drag wars winter series tomorrow, running pretty average tyres on the rear now so will not be getting optimal times, however will be interesting to see how much we can improve on our previous time(13.9) with a 175kw engine.

Stay Classy

Nick getting some clipping practise in

S-chassis Drift day

Had a good day at Meremere yesterday, had both MAX170 and MADMAX170 drifting. Still a few small issues to sort out with MADMAX, Its getting near the end of its life in the current shell! Heres a small vid of Nick drifting MAX170 at a small course we had set up down the end of the track, the same setup as we had at our drift day.

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