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Have just put the finishing touches on MADMAX170 today. Since the last update we put all the vital parts in, Nick made up intercooler and exhaust

I sorted out all the bent rear arms, got diff/coilovers in, wired it up and got it running(only to find out that the compressor oil seals were blown on thursday night so had to take it to pieces again and replace the turbo with MAX170’s old turbo, which we had to machine the welded up exhaust housing off!). Then put on the Wheels/spacers, rolled the guards to fit them on. Made up brackets for the intercooler/air filter. Next we swapped all the mint doors over for some dented up ones I had of cars we had previously wrecked, and put some front guards on. Today we put lock spacers in and lowered it down, aswell as giving it a bit of “artwork”. There is alot of other stuff we have done along the way, but that is the basic run down of what went on!

Thanks to Owen/Roo for helping with the build, Andrew Choy for supplying the radiator, Elliot Millen for the Gearbox, Jack Malpass for the lock spacers/front guards/Fire extinguisher, James McDonald for the Stickers,, Owens flatmates for putting up with it in their garage! Also to anyone else who helped out, have had alot of hookups along the way, now to get out and drift it!

Stay tuned

Almost there


Garage H also make Flanges, below are the two flanges needed for out latest build. First is the Exhaust dump pipe flange to fit all nissan T25/T28 turbos:

And the compressor outlet flange, used to weld steel intercooler piping onto:

All our flanges are made using the CNC process for accuracy, we have been producing and using them on our exhaust/intercooler piping setups for the last year.

Mad MAX170!!!

Another Garage H production is starting to take form. Spent Friday night removing the donor engine from the S13 it came from(Will follow of the buildup of that car in later posts). Saturday we prepped the engine ready to install it, then today was spent putting the gearbox on and installing the engine into the car. As it stands it now has the engine installed, everything hooked up(apart from an engine loom which we are desperately trying to find, so if you know of one let me know!!!) Gearbox is all bolted in, as is clutch master/slave and lines.

We still have to plumb up intercooler(either top mounted U13 or sandwhich mounted 400×300), hook up driveshaft, lock the diff, sort out bent rear arms as it was crashed when I got it, put radiator in, put coilovers in, put seats/dash/belts in and hook the exhaust up(custom chimney 3″)

Hopefully have it running next weekend ready for the Luxury Sports/Garage H Manji the following weekend!


Found these pictures courtesey of Shams, the brakes have made a huge improvement from the last day I went to, we are still struggling to keep the car from drifting going through the corners, but the tyres on the car are not of high quality so I think thats half the problem. Now have a full set of 17×9’s with some Dunlop slicks which will help, unfortunatly we didnt bring them out. Had a party the night before and literally rolled off the couch at the party in the morning, jumped in MAX170 and drove out to Puke! Considering taking it to Hampton Downs Raceway on Sunday to test out the Slicks as there is a trackday there, but we have alot of work to get done this weekend so will all depend on how that goes. On with the pics:

Props to this S15 was mega quick, had alot more grip than me through the corners, I guess his setup is alot more grip orientated than us!

Project Replica

We have been planning out this new project for about a month now. Roo(stayclassy) Is holding a driftday at Meremere early June so we are building it for that, However if it gets completed before then we will use it at the Luxury Sports drift day aswell.

The plan is to take one of the S14 Shells ive wrecked, bolt a SR20DET into it along with a manual conversion, Coil overs and a lock diff. Then we will take it down to Meremere and use it at a few drift days, then part it out when its crashed up! It should go pretty well as the shell will only have the bare essentials to make it run…

We will be adding some of our own custom parts to it, although it will be built rather quickly so we are limited with how much time we can spend on it.

We began prepping it on Sunday, old SR20DE has been removed, now we have to remove the donor engine from the S13 its currently in and install it, all going well this will happen next weekend.

Had a J-spec grip day At Pukekohe today, Went well, got lots of tracktime in. Didnt go so well for the R33 though, blew its turbo on the first session out!

Next event is the Luxury Sports drift day on the 26th at Meremere, which will be the only other event we are doing this month.

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