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Bucket seat rails *NEW PRODUCT*

We are now making seat rails to suit fixed back bucket seats. Mounted in the lowest possible position, using the sliding rails off the factory seat. The ones pictured are to Suit Bride Zeta seats, but can be made to suit any model of side mounted bucket seat. They have many different reclinement settings to suit your style!

Full forward position. Note: Pass side rail is our version compared to drivers side which is a Bride rail.

Full back position

Price is $250 per side, anyone interest can contact us at



Went to another Sky Manji day on Saturday, Car ran really well, didnt even have to open the bonnet once!

Weather was pretty typical for Auckland, rained for half of the day, but did have a few dry patches. Had a good time out there, Nick is getting a good grip on the car now, Have got some good video footage of most of the S-chassis crew that was there, some close drifting happened!

Busy as hell at the moment getting the car ready for Driftopia Pukekohe this Saturday. We have to make Passengers seat rail, install front brakes/master, modify the tyre rack for tail lights, possibly install oil cooler(still waiting for it to arrive) and have a big check over everything on the car!

Also have a few more events lined up:

-If nothing goes wrong on Saturday then I will be entering into the first round of the Dragwars winter series on May 23rd at Meremere raceway.

-As well as heading down to Slipway on the 29th, we have decided to go for a drive down to Christchurch for a bit of practise as they are holding a trackday there on the 30th! There will be alot of driving involved that weekend!

 -The possibility of either a Taupo driftday or a Pukekohe grip day in June

-Roo’s Manji Day on the 3rd of July, We are going to build a MAX170 Replica for this event, more details to follow!

Nick is currently in the workshop making parts, updates to follow!

WRC comes to Hampton Downs

Had our S14 on show with over 50 other imports at the Hampton Downs Special Stage, there was alot of entertainment all day long! Was good to see the rally cars flying around the circuit!

The red bull X-fighters were putting on a show for the crowd, I much prefer my street bikes but the flips were pretty crazy!

The races inbetween the rally stages were pretty entertaining aswell, quite a mix of cars were entered.


Van Progress

Enough S14 talk, this is where the vans at! We’re at the “while its up there” stage with the van, which in our terms means once we start pulling it apart we might as well do everything while its off the road and get it sorted at once!

Unfortunately this stage was started in late January when I blew the water lines to the heater hose, then when towing it home the diff blew bigtime(was already on the way out). I source a new diff off a similiar model van, only to find out it was 20mm shorter in width and the mounting points were about 50mm out. Now any sane person would’ve taken the easy route and modified the mounting points and run some spacers to get it driveable again. However we did not take that route, first of all I tried to hunt for an identical van with the same kind of diff, but this was not going to happen! Well it had really bad axle tramp and if I did happen to find a diff it was only going to be a crappy open/weak one(although the current one had taken an awesome beating!!!). Hmmmm after a lot of thought it was decided that we would take on another massive challenge and fit a 180sx rear subframe out of a previous 180sx that I had wrecked and retro fit it into the van! So far we have mocked it up and started modifying the subframe/mounts to suit, although we have spent twice as much time designing it as we have actually building it, it is getting there. Nick has made up the front mounts for the subframe, he is about to start modifying the rear points to suit.

While Nick is modifying the rear subframe to suit I am sorting out the front end (back to the “while its up there” stage!), I had wrecked another luxury model C22 largo van late last year which had power steering amongst many other extra’s that my van didnt have, so I will swap the front crossmember and steering linkages over to make my van a bit more responsive in the steering department! This is after dropping the steering linkages, still have to make up a few bushes for the new setup before it can be installed…

Also I have swapped gearbox’s with a better condition one. The old box had worn syncro’s and was getting a bit tired. The gear cables have also been swapped for mint ones out of the van I wrecked, and have still got to make up some adapters for the water lines before I fix them. Overall itg should be around a month before the van is put back together, but once its done it will be alot more driver friendly than previously, our aim is to be able to enter drift/burnout/grip events with it and not roll it! I should have alot better fitment in the rear with the new setup too, before it was Jacked(and soft as hell) in the rear, but we will be using coilovers in the rear to get it sorted proper!


A few pics of the rack fully loaded, props to Androo for the pics

S-Club Manji

On Friday night we were up until 2am putting the finishing touches on our tyre rack, had to mount the bumper and taillights and then wire them up so that it was all legal for the Drive out to Meremere the next day. Lights are just temporarily mounted to the bumper, Nick will make up some mounts for them that bolt onto the frame, but they still work perfectly as is, just looks a little bit funny having them not linig up with the bumper as they would if they were in the factory position. This picture is before we were about to head home, on the way out there we had 10 tyres on the rack but I think it was possibly too much weight as the rear wheels were never balanced when we had the tyres fitted and you could feel vibrations through the car. With 8 on the way home it was fine, also went past around 6 Police cars and they didn’t pull us over so thats a pass in our books!

Onto the drifting. Unfortunatly the weather was pretty bad, Was a very wet day. Just when the track would start drying up it would rain again, making it better for the underpowered cars. Nick(who was driving our car on the day) Had never drifted track in the rain before, so expectedly during the moring there were a few spins, however towards the end of the day he had the hang of it. This trackday was alot different to the other Manji tracksdays we have been to at Meremere. In the morning instead of setting up boring cones to practise on, they set up 2 minitracks and a cone setup. Nick spent most of the time mastering Manjing around 4 cones set up down the far end of the track. In the middle there was a  small Jellybean shaped course which looked pretty technical(He never got to drive on this setup). There was also an area with 1 cone for the beginners to practise doing donuts around.  (more…)

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