R33 racecar build

So after leaving Palmerston North at 5am this morning and returning home shortly after 11, the plan was made to get started on building a customers car. Car in question is a 1994 Nissan Skyline R33, It already has some of the essentials done like a full 6 point rollcage, ISC adjustable Suspension, and the solid RB25DET engine(small mods such as FMIC, Cat back exhaust ands a Link ecu). However when brought to us it was still an automatic, had hicas and apart from the coilovers everything else underneath was factory.

This car is being built as a full on grip racecar. We will be converting it to Manual, installing a Hicas lock bar, adjustable arms, subframe lock collars and giving it an extensive strip out to try and get the weight down. We have already removed the Auto gearbox, we are waiting for a manual spigot bush before we can progress on with the new gearbox. We have also started removing un neccesary items such as the aerial, rear bumper supports, factory shrouding, basically anything that will not be needed on the racetrack.

All going to plan he will be testing out this car at the Pukekohe Grip day next monday with us. Im sure there will be alot more modification as he try’s to shave seconds off the lap times.  Will update with our progress as we get it done!


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