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Skyline progress

Got the spigot bush this afternoon and we installed the clutch and gearbox. The clutch is the RB version of the one in MAX170.


R33 racecar build

So after leaving Palmerston North at 5am this morning and returning home shortly after 11, the plan was made to get started on building a customers car. Car in question is a 1994 Nissan Skyline R33, It already has some of the essentials done like a full 6 point rollcage, ISC adjustable Suspension, and the solid RB25DET engine(small mods such as FMIC, Cat back exhaust ands a Link ecu). However when brought to us it was still an automatic, had hicas and apart from the coilovers everything else underneath was factory.

This car is being built as a full on grip racecar. We will be converting it to Manual, installing a Hicas lock bar, adjustable arms, subframe lock collars and giving it an extensive strip out to try and get the weight down. We have already removed the Auto gearbox, we are waiting for a manual spigot bush before we can progress on with the new gearbox. We have also started removing un neccesary items such as the aerial, rear bumper supports, factory shrouding, basically anything that will not be needed on the racetrack.

All going to plan he will be testing out this car at the Pukekohe Grip day next monday with us. Im sure there will be alot more modification as he try’s to shave seconds off the lap times.  Will update with our progress as we get it done!

The boys are back in town!!!

Well the trip didnt quite go to plan.

As we were coming into Palmerston North on Friday(after having the rear exhaust mount snap about half an hour earlied) we got word that the trackday in Christchurch had been postponed due to the amount of rain causing flooding!!! Not what we wanted to hear as we were halfway down the country!!! However as there was a drift day at Slipway we werent to fussed so we caught up with Max(thanks for hooking up a welder to fix the mount!!!), he is well know for his S13:

So we got up on Saturday morning and started heading down to Slipway planning to meet up with Max in the process, however more bad news was to come. Although it was dry where we were, An hour away in Wellington there was torrential rain and the drift day had been cancelled. As we were already over halfway to the track we managed to get the owner(Ben) to hire it to us for an hour so we could at least have a drive while we were down there.

As we got to Wellington we could see why it had been cancelled! There was so much rain it was out of control! After removing the Wheel-e bar we had a good jam at Slipway and ended up staying there for 3 hours with Ben driving his S13 ever so often, I went for a ride in his car and its crazy, he has modified his whole steering setup so he can basically drift backwards inbetween switches etc! We both had a good drive down there, the car ran well again and is basically where we want it, now we just need to get as much seat time in as possible!

We have a few incar vids etc, but its pretty boring watching wet drifting, may chuck them up at a later date!

Puke #2

As always the last word(or photo in this instance) goes to the Garage H paparazi crew, Joe Curphey:

And Roo Wills

We have got the car all packed and ready to leave for our first South Island trip in MAX170! We are driving down to Palmerston North for tomorrow night, on to Christchurch on Saturday ready for the trackday on Sunday, then back home Monday/Tuesday! It will be good for us to get some pracise in on the Ruapuna circuit as that is where the first D1 round will be held, which we are planning on driving down to aswell!

May Has been a very busy month for us, we have had an event on every single weekend which has left us little time to work on our cars during the weekend, as Nick and I both work fulltime jobs during the week it can sometimes be hard on us to get the work done.

At this point the only tracktime in June will be a grip day at Pukekohe on the 7th(J-spec trackday), which will leave us with alot of free weekends to catch up. We are about to build a R33 skyline racecar for a customer, and another drift project of our own. As always, more updates to follow!

Keep it real

Simon and Nick

Driftopia Pukekohe

Go Nick Go!

MAX170 Loves abuse

Cheers to all the Photgraphers out there(esp our Paparazi crew of Jo/Roo) more to follow!

B driver

Nick is our B grade driver, still learning the ropes so to say. Unfotunately I wasnt allowed to drive at all(usually I will have a few laps and show him the lines of where to put the car and he will pick up from there), during the morning he was struggling through the Judged section but had the hang of it towards the end of the day. He had some pretty good lines on the back section of the track, at one point a tyre exploded on him, causing him to spin off the track and stopped within feet of a big tyre wall(which had already claimed 2 cars before him)!  The car ran really well again though, we are 100% confident that it will make it to Christchurch and back next weekend!

Its gonna be a bright day tomorrow

Just finished sorting out all the odds and ends on the S14, have made up a proper bar for the tails lights/centre garnish

Also new camera mount is made(it clamps onto the cage behind the driver)

It has been raining for the last 2 days, hopefully it has all passed so we can have a good day drifting at Pukekohe today in the DRY!!!! The rack is packed with 10x skid wheels ready for the drive down, Nick has spent the last 3 days up until 4am working his ass off to get everything ready, Its gonna be a goooood day!!!

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