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Luxury Sports S15

We have been building this S15 Silvia off and on for the last year, Is getting near completion.

Specs are:

S15 SR20DET Engine

Luxury Sports FMIC kit

Luxury Sports Plenum

Luxury Sports alloy radiator

HKS Twin spark

Intake kit

Garage H wastegate setup

Luxury Sports 3″ Dump pipe

Luxury Sports twin front pipe

Kakimoto Cat back exhaust

6 Speed S15 gearbox

JIC Coilovers

17×9 Work CR Kai’s

M-sports Front bodykit

Uras Sides/Rear

Dmax Carbon fibre Bonnet


Full R33 Brake upgrade with braided lines

S14’s ready for more tracktime, Have planned to do a Meremere drift day next Friday and Hampton Downs Saturday so should have more footage up soon!


Slipway Video

Nick made up this video from the footage we had


Went for a mission down to Slipway in Wellington over the weekend for a Drift day there on Saturday!

Had a good day, car ran well, Hit a few walls but still drove home from Wellington to Auckland with no problems!

On the way home saw a pretty rough bike crash, was about 5 mins after overtaking us!


Last weekend went for a drive down to Morrinsville for a burnout session with some locals, S14 went well, lots of crazy Morrinsville conversions. Some favourites  included an old Hilux ute(450,000k’s on the clock!) +t, hooked up 4th on the spot! Holden panel V8 van +tt’d and my all time favourite skid car from Morry, the old school 626 Sedan, properly converted to RB30e, easily hooking into 4th gear! Currently for sale, check trademe. Unfortunatly didnt get any footage for that event, will remain forever in my head!

Have spent the last week getting our S14 ready to mission down to Wellington for a Catch my drift day at the infamous Slipway drift facility! Will hopefully get some footage and post up next week!

Same old

Same old round here, have been busy with the S14, found a leak in the intercooler joiners so have fixed that and made up a new heat sink plate, will eventually make metal piping from the turbo all the way forward to near the chassis tray(so that the heat stops warping/cracking the joiners). All the other cars are still waiting, half way through plumbing the external wastegate back into the S15. I really cant wait to start building some new cars, I have been working on the same 3 cars(S14, S15 and the Van) for well over a year!!!

Have quite a few more events coming up:

This weekend at Morrinsillve pad there are burnouts

Next weekend there’s a Drift day at slipway(Wellington)

3rd of April @ Hampton(D2nz)

Then we’re into competitions, D1NZ Triple Crown, then following on with the D1nz series(which follows through until March next year) In between we will be trying to get to as many trackdays as we can afford, with no major sponsors its all adding up! Hopefully we will have built another drift car in the next 2 months so we can get out battle on!

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