1989 Black 180sx


Been too long between posts here, finally have time to sit down and post a build thread of a 180SX I picked up February last year and have poured way too many hours into! This is the concept we started with, a cool pignose 180sx!



Picked it up in a pretty sad state, De-registered in 2008 and been sitting around ever since. Some guy had pulled the Original CA18DET engine/trans out and pulled the manifolds etc off planning to rebuild it. I put the engine back together and got it all running again.

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I have been crewing for Vinnie for the past 2 season’s of D1 Pro. The opportunity came available when we were all at Zak Poles leaving party in town a couple of years back and Vinnie had just won the Pro-am championship. He had told me of his plan to completely rebuild the car including the RB26DETT and seeing how dedicated he was I was instantly in. He is a funny character to help out. Even if he really needs your help he will still be too stubborn to ask for it! After the week just passed and the number of people asking what the real stories on the road were, it was a no brainer that I needed to write this article! This is how it happened through my eyes from my office, the passengers seat.


It all began for me exactly one week from when we left, Tuesday 22 November. He asked me to come around and help him lift the bonnet back onto the car. He then dropped the bomb that he was going to drive it down to Dunedin and compete, asking whether I’d be keen to come help. At this stage there was still an enormous amount of prep that needed to be done. It had no wof, a diff that was about to collapse, a few parts that needed installing and a bunch of other maintenance to be completed. After a bit of a push he got the warrant on Friday, all it failed on was a couple of bulbs which was a relief. Our friend James Williams took the car into DKM on the Monday to get a pre-event safety audit and again it only failed on a couple of small issues. It was on!


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Replica Max

Time for a well overdue update. Well documented through pictures so beware!

Mid last year I bought a S14 K’s manual(Nose to tail accident, written off) without too much thought, plans were to strip it to a light weight version and use it for gymkhana’s etc. Not having a place to store it turned out to be the big issue and before long it ended up at my yard getting stripped! Then finally I bought a house with an empty garage and the rest is history.

After having Max off the road for over 3 months and no return date set any time soon Owen and I decided it was time to build battle car #3.

On the 14th of December we loaded it up and lifted it up my drive

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R1 re-spray

For a change of pace we decided to change the paint or the R1

R1 Paint

A Sky Blue Marble was the colour of choice


Our latest project is a Nissan Skyline GTR. The goal is to turn it into a nice street/weekend track car.

WP_000803Since picking it up and stripping it down, we have found alot of rust that needs to be repaired. Once all the rust is repaired then the fun part begins, where we start building it back up!

WP_000872As it sits one side of the outer sill has been cut open to see the damage. Luckily we have a donor shell which will supply the parts needed to fix!

WP_000871It will run 17×9 Blitz type 01’s all round.

The paint colour is still undecided, but it will have a complete re-spray from the ground up!



A31 Cefiro Project

Our next project that we are starting on is an A31 Cefiro. We have had it stored to the side for a while.


Time to get cracking!

Owens S13

One of the next projects that we will be working on is Owens S13. We have been hunting down parts for it for the last little while, the engine is built to put out around 280kw and the whole package is designed to be a perfect competition level drift car, while still being 100% Street legal!

We have also made up a marque/Tent so that Owen can start doing more custom paint jobs. Any cars that are part of the core “Team Garage H” team will have marble paintjobs! If anyone out there has contacts in the paint industry we would love to hear from you, Garagehnz@yahoo.com


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