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Owen do something funny.

No I said funny, that was just silly!

Welcome Owen, the Garage H Pit Protogue/Pappparazzi.


Well what an exicting/tiring/eventfull last few days we have had! Im going to keep it short as its 2am and I have to go to work tomorrow, will be doing a full post up with what went down, We have so many people to thank! All I will say for now is the battle car is looking ALOT worse for wear!

Round 2

Once again the car is all packed and ready to rock and roll its way down to Manfield.

I will be leaving early tomorrow to beat the Auckland traffic, Nick will be leaving after work and towing the battle car down!

We had to put some new front brake pads into MAX170 and also give it an oil change, but other than that it was still going perfectly after driving home from Powercruise!

We will also have the battle car with us, so don’t be shy to come and say hi!


Max170 at Powercruise next to Ben’s S13(Driven by Andrew Redwards in the demo)

Powercruise Taupo

We are all packed and ready to go. Powercruise is always a fun event for us, Its great to be able to enter so many different forms of motorsport racing over the two days of Powercruising!!!!

Nick will be driving MAX170 throughout the weekend, but I also will be drifting it in the demo’s. We have been playing around with a few bits and pieces on it so it will be a good pre-run before D1NZ round 2 @ Manfield next weekend! Thanks to Shane @ NZTEES for coming on board and helping the crew look the part, aswell as the car!

Garage H Knuckles V1.0

Here is the final product. Lower arms are complete, with fully adjustable lock stops and gussets. We will be testing them out on the battle car, as with most of our products they continue to evolve as we find better ways to modify them!


So after our failure to make the top 8 of Rookie at the first round a shake up was in order. Obviously back in the North Island for the next five round we would be able to push a bit harder without the worry of having to cross the sea to get home! Apon heading home to our motel we started brainstorming about what went wrong/how we could improve for the next round! Steering lock has not been as issue at grassroots level trackdays until now, but looking over the videos you can see how having more lock would give us a huge advantage. So Blueprints(thanks to some help from our South Island Buddy Clinton!!!!!!) were made!

After alot of discussion between me and Nick we were all set to unleash on modifying our current MAX170 Kuckles to test them out last weekend. Unfortunately Nick got beaten up pretty bad( Guys jumped him and his friend) leaving Nick with a severely Broken jaw in 2 places and he was stuck in hosital for 5 days. While he was in hospital being a cripple(just joking Nick, we know your tougher than that!) I went round to the battle cars current home and removed its current steering setup so he could have a play around with that setup and if any issues came up we could deal with them accordingly!

They went far better than planned. We tried welding them without pre-heating(on an offcut) and seeing whether our man power could break the weld. It was strong. REALLY STRONG!!!!! So then Nick used his facilities to preheat the Forged Knuckle  to temperature to weld it back up! Being that this one was the tester and the proper one was going to be used on the street/comp car we wanted to get it spot on!

The engineering in our design is top notch, will be crack tested before we drive it on the street! We were blown away with the strength of our prototype, both me and Nick swinging off the hammer didnt even stress it! Finalised below!

And we are still in the process of modifying the lower arms, Product will be finalised tomorrow!!! Have a few other upgrades goin on behind the scenes(although it all ends up being public!!!!) So we should have a much better setup for round 2!!!! See below.

The final product minus lock stops!

We are getting pretty pressed for time here, Powercruise next weekend so time is of the essence!

Battle Footage

Uploaded all the vids that Nick got of our Battles at Ruapuna. Was a little bit bummed about the quality of the video’s. I had always planned on getting a better quality camera, so when my buddy offered me his Nikon D90 for a very reasonable price I wasnt going to turn it down! So from now on we should have some semi decent images! Anyway here is the first video, as you can see I was still getting the lines sorted on the track, Karl was entering alot differently to how I had been during the practise sessions!

Pushing a bit harder on the second run, hit the ripple strip pretty bad on my chase.

And the final battle, taking it a bit easier, in turn a few straight lines and ends up pretty messy…

Slipway Thursday 25th Nov

We have now got a day dialled in. Thursday the 25th of Nov at Slipway, New Zealands only purpose built drift track!! We are still building our team to get down there, At the moment its looking like Matt Malcom of Speedhunters fame, Owen Newman the car painter, Nick and Myself.

We will be taking both MAX170 and the battle car down, however we will be spending most of our time sharing the Battle car around between us as I will be competing in MAX170 the next day.

If anyone else is interested in entering send me an email, Payment will be a pair of 235/45/17″ tyres for Ben as he is trying to fundraise some rubber for Manfield!!! There will be very few drivers so Tracktime will be to a maximum, I’m expecting to chew through 1 1/2 tanks of gas!

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